When Baars & Bloemhoff came to me with the question to develop something for

their new label I immediately got exited, Baars & Bloemhoff has an exquisite

collection of sheet materials and finishes to work with.

The design is meant to be produced in a completely automated process that solely

makes use of CNC milling techniques.

The objects are assembled without any glue or screws and are entirely build with

slotted connections.

For the this collection we tried to stay out of conventions surrounding cnc furniture in

which we often encounter 90 degree angles and where the emphasis is on the


We aimed to avoid the typical CNC aesthetic by milling in different angles and

creating round shapes.

The collection is made up of a bench, a low shelving unit and a side table.

We focussed of making colour combinations with the materials we use, in this case

we use a black MDF as base material which was laminated with Abet Laminati’s pink

stripe laminate.

The endless possibilities of Baars & Bloemhoff’s collection allow us to create many

different colour combinations for the collection.

Some parts of the furniture is CNC’d in 90 degree angles to reveal a bigger surface

of the black MDF, in this way we wanted to reveal the head side of the material as a

decorative element of the design.


Client: Transitions IV



Innovum color MDF

Abet Laminati flou stripes



Photo credits: Floor Knaapen


Special thanks: Andrea Miazzo