curious form by studio guilty

CORED was made for and part of the first ENVISIONS exhibition in Milan 2016




Envisions is a group exhibition that showcases everything but the end product. The collection of work aims to offer new insights to different phases that would normally never be seen by the public's eye. By revealing the steps of the extensive research process that precedes a design’s final outcome, the collection breathes life into initial concepts and pushes them towards reality.


Transcending the fear of copycats, the exhibitors reveal more about their work – and themselves – to the public. By doing so, a climate for interaction and exchange is created. The setup is intended to trigger a dialogue between designers, clients and manufacturers, who are encouraged to approach each project as a collaborator. By crowdsourcing ideas, Envisions allows for unexpected developments in the making process and ultimately gives rise to new-found joint ventures.



Exploration in design methods with rope.



Looking for the awe-inspiring in ordinary construction methods, Gilde aims to simplify the way ‘links’ are approached in design. To carry his research into ‘connections’, the designer selected rope to experiment with. Although the material is largely associated with the forming of knots, it is exactly this method Gilde avoids in his compositions. Replacing the cord’s cores and tensioning the material in various ways, Gilde not only shows alternative ways to fabricate joints but gives shape to an inherently flexible subject. The result, frames of metal and wood are ‘upholstered’ with rope. To explore the concept to its full potential, a number of cords were fabricated especially for a collaboration with the TextielMuseum in Tilburg.


The research involves experimentation in alternating stiff and flexible parts of a composition. replacing parts of the rope’s core for another rope and piercing rope trough each other to create netting-like structures

The research led to the possibility of using rope as a means of upholstery for hard materials. The ropes are very durable and its materiality very suitable for outdoor use, suggesting a more tactile experience in outdoor furniture.


Approaching the design of the rope in a similar way as one would design a textile, it forms a skin around metal frames while looking for ways to use the same techniques to create possibilities for seating.

A more elaborate exploitation of the upholstery concept manifests in a triangular composed  object. While the braiding machine is producing rope, a hard material like a wooden stick is introduced to the process, simply inserted while the machine braids, it starts braiding the rope around the wood, wrapping it completely in yarns.

Inserting sticks of different lengths in succession connects them naturally and therefore creates a linked chain of upholstered sticks.