fringe studio guilty

Soft architecture


Fringe is a flexible, cost-effective and colorful way to balance the pros and cons of working in open-plan workspaces. While such spaces, often in re-used industrial buildings, inspire collaboration and facilitate an easy flow of information, they are also noisy, and staying concentrated can be difficult. Solid walls are not the best solution as these box in the space and form a tangible interruption. ‘Fringe’ offers a softer alternative: refined and playful, its layered colored strips improve acoustics, offer privacy and add a sense of identity to a big open floor plan, while retaining a definite sense of transparency.


Fringe started as a color research, the research was about exploring how to mix colors in an analog way, cutting colors up into small strips and having them next to each other makes these colors interact and blend. In the image all colors play different roles, the bright colors are 50% saturated which makes them match easily with other colors, the less bright colors compliment and balance out the whole of the composition. by interrupting the repetition in various ways I explored a way of making shape with these strokes of color.